Lovey Bear
Lovey Bears
Planet of origin Romanticorp Headquarters
First appearance "Love and Rocket"
" It's actually cheaper to genetically engineer real ones. They frolic in the Lovey Forest until their first birthday. Then we choose the cuddly-uddliest ones and stuff them full of fire-retardant love fluff!"

A Lovey Bear is a type of romantic "toy" bear, created by Romanticorp. It is claimed that they are created by kissing them together out of a cloth and magic buttons. Apparently Amy is always being sent them by Kif Kroker.

In truth, Romanticorp found it was cheaper to genetically engineer and breed real Lovey Bears. They live in Lovey Forest until they turn 1 year old and then the cutest are killed and stuffed in a bear "hospital" to be sold. On learning this, the entire Planet Express crew look on at the adorable scene of frolicing bears with barely disguised horror.

Apparently, some of the bears catch on and make attempts to escape.