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Bender: So, if my body gets killed, big whoop! I just download into another body. I'm immortal, baby!
Amy: What? Then how come you always scream so much when you're in danger?
Bender: I never said I wasn't a drama queen.

Bender: Dying sucks butt. How do you living beings cope with mortality?
Leela: Violent outbursts.
Amy: General slutty-ness.
Fry: Thanks to denial, I'm immortal.

Bender: Hermes, old pal!
Hermes: Old pal? 8.5 seconds ago you said you hated me.
Bender: Time heals all wounds.

Bender: But [inspector] five's the one we want. Maybe if I kick the asses of inspector two plus inspector three…
Hermes: Addition never solved anything, mon!

Bureaucrascan: Identity confirmed. Also, you have a rectangular mass in your colon.
Hermes: That's a calculator! I ate it to gain its power.

Bender: Ow man! How am I gonna find some anonymous guy I don't know anything about!?
Bureaucrat: I recommend the men's room at the TWA terminal. [laughs]

Mom: [watching killbots fire wildly at Bender and Hermes] That's what you get for calling tech-support!

Farnsworth: I have pain in joints I had removed a century ago! Bender! bring me my soft chair with the wheels.
Bender: Your wheelchair?
Farnsworth: I don't need a wheelchair! The one with the wheels.


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