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  • The telephone number of Leela's parents is 1566.
  • Assembling the supercollider requires a hammer, a screwdriver, and a bending unit.


  • The title Less than Hero can be a reference to the 1987 movie Less than Zero.
  • After Leela gets of the video phone with her parent, Hermes ask if she can pick him up "a license to kill". A License to kill is the 16th James Bond movie, and the double zeroes in 007 stands for "Agent with a license to kill".
  • Bender says "You are going down. Or Down Under" to a kangeroo, because it comes from Australia or Down Under.
  • πKea (Pi-KEA) is a parody of the furniture store IKEA.
  • The prorfessor wants Fry, Leela and Bender to take his new item back and exchange it for a wobbly cd rack and some meatballs. IKEA is from Sweden which is known for their meatballs.
  • Bender says he is late for his LSATs. LSATs is Law School Admission Test, which is kind of ironic for Bender.
  • Super King's crown looks like the one he stole from the statue in A Bicyclops Built for Two.
  • Since this episode parodies Superheroes, it's no surprise that John DiMaggio works very frequently on superhero cartoons.

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