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Leo Wong's "Miniature" Golf Course
First appearance Into the Wild Green Yonder

Leo Wong said he loved miniature golf and everything about it, except how it is miniature. So he tried to make the universe's biggest miniature golf course. It features a cannon that one can rotate to aim, and fire a button to putt. It is a classic 18 hole game. What ticked Leela off was that Leo was planning to bulldoze 12% of the Milky Way Galaxy, or one of its spiral arms, to make the course, causing her to join the Eco-Feministas.

When Leo tried to build the course, Leela and the Eco-Feministas tried several times to stop him, such as clogging one of his machines with sugar and an organic potato, then destroying the entire 18th hole. The 18th hole, or the King King hole, was actually a wormhole. It is supposed to lead to The Violet Dwarf Star or the ball return. It is unknown what happened to it once the violet star became an Encyclopod.

Appearances Edit

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