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Leo Wong
WongsLeo (left) and Inez Wong (right)
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 62
Planet Mars
Profession Owner of the Wong Ranch
Relatives Wife: Inez
Daughter: Amy
Unknown number of Stepgrandchildren: Amphibiosans
Son-in-law: Kif Kroker
Status alive
First appearance A Flight To Remember
Voiced by Billy West

Leonard "Leo" Wong (born May 19, 2952) is the father of Amy and the husband of Inez Wong. Together with his wife, he owns the Wong Ranch and the entire western hemisphere of Mars, which he bought from Martians in exchange for a single bead.[1] As well as meddling in Amy's love-life with his wife. He is completely blunt and has very few social skills, he always speaks his mind which always enrages people he doesn't buy off. He teases Amy about being fat.[2] He also makes jokes about how she was fat when she was younger which pressured her into losing weight. [3] He couldn't care less about the environment and possibly endangered species. Wong planned to bulldoze 12% of the milky way for his golf course without any regard to any life he may destroy to do it. It is thanks to him that some parts of Saturn's rings are missing.

Personality Edit

Leo is mostly shown as a selfish and greedy man who would cause catastrophes just for the sake of making money. He is also very cranky and attempts to manipulate his daughter, Amy's future for his own benefit.

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References Edit

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