Gender Female
Species Narwhal
Planet Earth
Profession Formerly: Performer at an aquarium
First appearance "Bender's Big Score"
Voiced by Maurice LaMarche

Leelu was a narwhal that Fry befriended during the years he spent in the past on the run from Bender, who was out to kill him. Leelu had an obvious connection to Leela in Fry's mind. Beside the fact that she was purple, Fry tells Leelu upon their first meeting, "Hiya girl, my name's Fry. I think you're a cutie because I like things that have only one thing instead of two things."

Fry is the only person who had been able to get Leelu to eat, curing her of her sickness. Throughout the years, their relationship blossomed, and they became best of friends. Fry was heartbroken when he learned that Leelu was being released into the wild to make room for the Loch Ness monster; in actuality a log with a Halloween mask stapled on to one end.

Fry searches for LeeluEdit

Fry took Panucci, his old boss, to the docks, where Panucci introduced him to his cousin Leroy, the captain of a ship. Leroy agreed to take Fry out to sea to search for Leelu. Fry 's plan was to "capture a narwhal and bring it back to his room".

After two years of searching, Fry finally found Leelu, and tried to take her home. But Leelu was upset; it seemed a male narwhal following the ship was the cause of it. Upon Leelu's release from the aquarium, she had moved on from Fry and fell in love with another narwhal. Fry finally learned his lesson when he saw Leelu so upset. He realized that she needed what would make her happy, not what would make him happy. Leelu appeared to have a thankful look on her face when Fry let her go to the male. This is another reference to Lars and Leela's relationship; Fry needed to let Leela be happy with Lars, as much as he disliked it.