Leela and the Genestalk
Leela and the Genestalk (40)
Episode 136
Season 10
Air date August 07, 2013
Directed By Lance Kramer
Written By Eric Horsted
Guests Burt Ward
Adam West
Preceded by "Assie Come Home"
Followed by "Game of Tones"

Leela and the Genestalk is the ninth episode of Season 10 (broadcast).

Synopsis Edit

Leela learns she's infected with squidification and goes on a quest to cure herself.


When Bender steals a cowboy hat, the Planet Express crew decide it is a good time to spend the night at a "redneck bar" and travel to Tex 1138's. Inside is a mechanical buggalo. Bender rides it first, declaring that he will set a new record or "eat his hat" -- he succeeds by setting a new lowest record of 0.4 seconds. Zoidberg eats the hat anyway.

When Leela takes her turn, she is thrown off but unable to let go, causing her to thrash about. The off switch also malfunctions, and the mechanical buggalo apparently achieves consciousness. Moments before it crushes a little girl, one of the bar patrons shoot it. Even still, Leela can't let go. Zoidberg inspects her hand and notices her hand has broken out in suction cups.

The Planet Express crew take her to see Doctor Tenderman who reveals that she is infected with Squidification, a genetic disease that sometimes affects mutants, and that it is incurable, dooming her to be turned into a slithering mass of tentacles. The doctor reveals that the only treatment is an "incredibly expensive" procedure that only slows the process. Fry declares that no matter what, he will continue to love her.

Leela visits her parents and they tell her she's free to move in with them.

At Planet Express, Fry decides that he will do anything he can to raise the money for Leela's surgery. Professor Farnsworth agrees and tells Fry to sell Old Bessie (the Planet Express Ship) for funds. Fry takes the ship to Parts 'N' Crafts where he finds a street peddler who scams Fry by selling him "magic beans" that "fell from the sky" in exchange for the ship. When Fry returns with them, Farnsworth slaps them out of his hand and through a window, where outside they begin to grow into a massive beanstalk.

Realizing that her squidification is rapidly occuring, Leela decides to move to the sewers. She packs up her things and leaves a note for the Planet Express crew to find, but as she leaves the building she finds the massive beanstalk that stretches up to the clouds. Figuring she has nothing to lose, she climbs it instead of descending to the sewers.

The beanstalk collapses and Leela grabs onto a cloud, finding a luxury castle in the clouds, discovering that it is populated by unicorns and other fantastical animals. Just when she thinks her luck has turned around, she's captured by Walt, Larry and Igner.

She's brought to Mom, who reveals that the castle is Momsanto, a legal loophole that allows MomCorp to conduct genetic modifications. Leela originally does not approve of this but changes her views when Mom tells Leela she can change her DNA to cure the Squidification.

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