Munda's grandmother
Gender Female
Species Mutant
Age 100
Planet Earth
Profession Worker on the Land Titanic, Mother, Grandmother, Grandmother-in-law, Great-Grandmother, Great-Grandmother-in-law, Maternal-Maternal-Maternal Great-Great-Grandmother
Relatives Daughter: Munda's mother
Granddaughter: Turanga Munda
Grandson-in-law: Turanga Morris
Great-granddaughter: Turanga Leela
Great-grandson-in-law: Philip J. Fry I
Great-Great-grandchildren: Kif Kroker's offspring
Great-Great-granddaughter:Elena Fry
Status Deceased
First appearance The Mutants Are Revolting
Voiced by Zoe Leader

Munda's grandmother is the mother of Munda's mother, the maternal grandmother of Munda, the maternal grandmother-in-law of Morris, the maternal-maternal great-grandmother of Leela and the maternal-maternal great-grandmother-in-law of Philip J. Fry I. She is also the maternal-maternal-maternal great-great-grandmother of Kif Kroker's offspring (Amy Wong's adoptive children).

She worked on the Land Titanic before it sank. She was then saved from the disaster by Mr. Astor.


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