Gender Female
Species Centaur
First appearance Bender's Game
Voiced by Katey Sagal

Leegola is the centaur version of Leela in the alternate reality of Cornwood. She was named by Titanius Anglesmith.

She, Frydo, Titanius Anglesmith, and The Great Wizard Greyfarn team up to stop the evil Momon by throwing the Die of Power into the plastic in which it was made from. They meet Gynecaladriel, who seduces the guard to the Cave of Hopelessness.

She enjoyed killing but when she brutally assaulted the Cornwood version of Zoidberg, she vowed never to kill again and left with the other centaurs and their leader, Hermaphrodite.

Leegola joined the war at Wipe Castle with the other centaurs, killing everyone.



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