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The Land Titanic

The Land Titanic was a giant land boat that set of from 5th Avenue on April 10, 2912.


Titanic was the largest and only street-going vessel ever built. The ship was built as a giant bus, going from one point of New New York to the other. However, it never made it. Near 32nd street, four days into the "voyage", the bus hit a mailbox,  "sank" and went down to the underground.


The ship's wreck is underground, near Sewer City.



  • According to Farnsworth, thousands of lives were lost when the ship went down. According to Mrs. Astor two-thousand lives were lost.
  • It was the only one of its kind built.
  • The ship was launched 1000 years exactly after the real RMS Titanic was first launched (April 1912-April 2912)

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