Kif Kroker's offspring
Kif's Children
Gender Female and Male
Species Amphibiosan / Earth Sewer Mutant hybrids
Age 12
Planet Amphibios 9
Profession Kif Kroker and Turanga Leela's children, Philip J. Fry I's stepchildren, Amy Wong's adoptive children, Yancy Fry, Jr.'s step relatives, Philip J. Fry II's step cousins, Leo and Inez Wong's adoptive maternal grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Kroker's paternal grandchildren, Turanga Morris and Munda's maternal grandchildren, Munda's mother's maternal-maternal great-grandchildren, Munda's grandmother's maternal-maternal-maternal great-great-grandchildren, Enos and Mildred Fry's step great-grandchildren, Yancy Fry, Sr. and Mrs. Fry's stepgrandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Gleisner's step great-grandchildren
Relatives Paternal Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Kroker
Father: Kif Kroker
Adoptive Mother: Amy Wong
Adoptive Maternal Grandmother: Inez Wong
Adoptive Maternal Grandfather: Leo Wong
Maternal-Maternal-Maternal Great-Great-Grandmother: Munda's grandmother
Maternal-Maternal Great-Grandmother: Munda's mother
Maternal Grandmother: Turanga Munda
Maternal Grandfather: Turanga Morris
Mother: Turanga Leela
Step Father: Philip J. Fry I
Step Uncle: Yancy Fry
Step Aunt:Unnamed wife of Yancy Fry, Jr.
Step Cousin: Philip J. Fry II
Step Grandmother: Mrs. Fry
Step Grandfather: Yancy Fry, Sr.
Step Great-Grandmother:Mildred Fry
Step Great-Grandfather:Enos Fry
Step Great-grandparents:Mr. and Mrs. Gleisner
Status Alive
First appearance "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch"
Voiced by Tara Strong Niketa Calame, Spencer Braislin and Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Kif Kroker's offspring are the babies of Kif Kroker and Turanga Leela, conceived when Leela touched Kif's hand while trying to help him to not fall out a hole in the Nimbus' hull into space. Then, Kif became pregnant and Amy Wong, as Kif's smizmar, became their adoptive mother. They were born on Amphibios 9 in the Clan Kroker's Sacred Birthing Grounds and will live there until the year 3023 when they'll sprout legs and crawl back onto land. They are the stepchildren of Philip J. Fry I.