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Kif's offspring
Kif's Children
Gender Female and Male
Species Amphibiosan / Sewer Mutant hybrids
Age 12
Relatives Paternal Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Kroker
Father: Kif Kroker
Apdotive Mother: Amy Wong
Adoptive Maternal Grandmother: Inez Wong
Adoptive Matneral Grandfather: Leo Wong
Maternal-Maternal-Maternal Great-Great-Grandmother: Munda's grandmother
Maternal-Maternal Great-Grandmother: Munda's mother
Maternal Grandmother: Turanga Munda
Maternal Grandfather: Turanga Morris
Mother: Leela
Step Father: Philip J. Fry
Step Uncle: Yancy Fry
Step Cousin: Philip J. Fry II
Step Grandmother: Mrs. Fry
Step Grandfather: Yancy Fry, Sr.
Step Great-Grandmother:Mildred Fry
Status Alive
First appearance "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch"

Kif's offspring are the babies of Kif Kroker and Turanga Leela, conceived when Leela touched Kif's hand while trying to help him to not fall out a hole in the Nimbus' hull into space. Then, Kif became pregnant and Amy Wong, as Kif's smizmar, became their adoptive mother. They were born on Amphibios 9 in the Clan Kroker's Sacred Birthing Grounds and will live there until the year 3023 when they'll sprout legs and crawl back onto land.

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