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Jurassic Bark
Episode 61
Production Code 4ACV07
Season 05
Air date November 17, 2002
Directed By Swinton O. Scott III
Written By Eric Kaplan
Guests Tom Kenny
Storyboards By Kiss and Make Up in Merry Melodies
Preceded by "The Route Of All Evil"
Followed by "Crimes of the Hot"
"You can see how I lived before I met you."
"You lived before you met me?!"
"Yeah, lots of people did."
Fry and Bender[source]

Jurassic Bark is the seventh episode in Season 4 of Futurama, airing on November 7, 2002 that was nominated for an Emmy Award, but lost to The Simpsons.


Bender and Fry visit the The Museum of Natural History exhibit of a 20th century pizza parlor. Fry finds out that it is actually Panucci's Pizza, the old pizza parlor where Fry used to work. Within the exhibit, Fry finds his old dog, Seymour, fossilized and on display in the exhibit. After a lengthy protest, the museum gives Fry the fossilized dog. Fry starts to treat Seymour like an actual dog and Bender grows jealous of Fry's nonstop devotion to Seymour. At Planet Express, Professor Farnsworth reveals that he can clone a version of Seymour that Fry knew and loved. Just before Seymour's cloning process is completed, in a jealous rage Bender throws Seymour's fossilized body into the lava pit in the basement. Farnsworth reveals that because Seymour was made of dolomite, he might survive the hot lava. Bender, feeling remorseful, and being 40% dolomite, decides to go after the dolomite dog. After a long while, Bender resurfaces with Seymour intact. While cloning Seymour the second time, Farnsworth reveals that Seymour was 15 years old when he died, leading Fry to think that Seymour must have lived a full life after he was frozen. Fry destroys the machine and leaves Seymour fossilized.

Throughout the episode, flashbacks are shown revealing how Fry and Seymour met, how they acted together and how Seymour lived after Fry was frozen. The final scene shows a slow and heartwrenching montage of passing years outside Panucci's where Seymour waits continuously for Fry to return (a reference to Hachiko, a dog who had a similar experience). Finally, Seymour lies down, closes his eyes, and goes to sleep but he never wakes up causing his death.

However, a time clone Fry created through the use of the paradox-free time travel machine "Bender's Big Score" decides to stay 12 Years in the past until he eventually becomes Lars Fillmore through a failed assassination attempt by Bender – and returns to the future. In total Fry and Seymour enjoy 15 years together starting in 1997 until Bender's failed assassination attempt in 2012, during which Seymour becomes petrified in dolomite; sparing the noble Dog from the cruel fate he was originally dealt

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