The Juice-O-Mat 3000 is a giant juicer, owned by the Trisolians of the planet Trisol. The Trisolians were going to use the Juice-O-Mat to separate their former Emperor Bont from his assassin Philip J. Fry I, but were saved the trouble by Fry's friends, who "helped" him cry out the Emperor.

It is unclear how the device would separate Fry from Bont, or why they had the thing in the first place; because the Trisolians were unaware that they could survive if drunk by a human until Bont started glowing in his nocturnal phase and the Juice-O-Mat wouldn't help a Trisolian who had been drunk by another of his or her species. Regardless of why Trisol had such a device, it is likely that it would have killed Fry.

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