Josh Gedgie
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43
Planet Earth
Status Deceased
First appearance "Cold Warriors"
Voiced by David Herman

Josh Gedgie (born November 7, 1974 - May 5, 2079) was a classmate of Fry's in the episode Cold Warriors

History Edit

Josh was highly advanced in school and even used complicated nerdy words in public such as ordering a slice of pizza at Mr. Panucci's. Josh also was snarky tward others even strangers. After Fry's warning from Yancy about Josh at Panucci's, Fry and Josh become enemies and Josh frequently teases Fry about his project for the school science fair. Josh seems to have tried to sabotage Fry during the competition many times. The big day when Yancy Fry Sr. meets Josh he thinks he's a smart young man which annoys Fry. Fry is sober while Yancy Sr. and Josh chat. Later though Yancy Sr. tells Fry he's proud of him back at home.

Appearances Edit

Episodes Edit

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