Intergalactic Stock Exchange
Location Orbiting around Earth
Slogan Help prevent stock exchange crashes, by safely driving.
Planet in orbit around Earth
First appearance Future Stock
"RUN-.47 DMC+.04 FOX-61 MG+.02 OSX+.39 WIN-.39 KIRK-1.25 GORN+2 Q-98"
Exchange Ticker[source]

The Intergalactic Stock Exchange, located in orbit around Earth, is a place where intergalactic transactions take place in an atmosphere reminiscent of the Stock Exchange system found on Wall Street in the 20th century.

Here, many individuals representing far flung systems and planets buy and sell assets that can range from foodstuffs and other material to stocks in companies. Beside the main trading areas, there is also a Business Center for more formal stage for stockholders to vote on mergers and the like. And all events are all watched over by Jor-El, the master of scheduling.

In 3004, the Planet Express company was nearly bought out by MomCorp but was saved when the new CEO, That Guy died of his resurging boneitis.


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