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Gadda da leela
Episode 90
Production Code 6ACV02
Season 7
Air date June 24, 2010
Directed By Dwayne Carey-Hill
Opening subtitle Apply directly to the eyes
Preceded by Rebirth
Followed by Attack of the Killer App
In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela is the second episode of the sixth season (seventh if you count the movies) of Futurama. It aired right after Rebirth on June 24, 2010.
"This is it! The moment we should have trained for!"

Plot Edit

President Nixon and Zapp Brannigan enlist the Professor's help to destroy a Death Sphere, named V-GINY, headed towards Earth. Zapp and Leela pilot the Professor's invisible stealth fighter inside the V-GINY, but they are attacked and forced to crash down on an uninhabited paradise planet. Leela finds herself trapped under a fallen tree, forcing her to depend on Zapp for her survival. Soon Zapp and Leela begin surviving naked, using leaves to cover their privates, and the pair start to work through their past differences, particularly when the Earth's destruction at the hands of the Death Sphere forces Leela to ponder whether this planet is their own Garden of Eden, and whether she and Zapp are now humanity's Adam and Eve. Meanwhile, the crew find out the V-GINY only "censors indecent planets", which prompts them to convince the V-GINY that there's still purity in their world. The crew goes to the last unspoiled island on Earth after failing to convince the people of the world to repent. Shortly afterwards Leela discovers Zapp has been misleading her, and the crew stumble upon Leela and Zapp, explaining they're still on Earth. This enrages Leela even further and just as she's kicking Zapp's ass, they are approached by the V-GINY. The sphere proclaims that it's convinced there's still hope that this world might be redeemed, after watching Adam and Eve's antics, referring to Leela and Zapp. However, it orders them to consummate their union immediately. Failing to obey will lead to the planet's destruction. Leela weighs out her options and regards this as "taking one for the team". The V-GINY flying away pleased from Earth, and Fry screaming in agony due to his request for censoring the consummation being denied by the V-GINY. The episode ends with Zapp & Leela having sex.

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