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Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35
Planet Earth
Profession Employee of MomCorp
Relatives Half brothers: Cubert, Larry and Walt
Mother: Mom
Father: Hubert J. Farnsworth
×31 Uncle & x33 Grandfather: Philip J. Fry
First appearance A Fishful of Dollars
Voiced by John DiMaggio
"I was an owl exterminator."

Igner is the youngest and most pitiful of Mom's three sons. His older half brothers are Walt and Larry. Like them he owns a 0.1% share in MomCorp. His intelligence is extremely low and he often displays the symptoms of mental disability. He speaks in a stereotypically moronic voice and is often found saddled with the worst tasks by his brothers: being bullied into wearing Mom's bra and playing the part of Pamela Anderson's body for her head in a jar. His immaturity means he gets disgusted easy and he has a tendency to repeat what he hears without full comprehension, for example: in Bender's Game, Igner repeats the phrase "We're owl exterminators" twice and pronounces exterminators wrong.

In Bender's Game, Igner helps Fry, Leela and Farnsworth escape his pursuing brothers, by denying that he had seen anybody to Walt. However, while everybody else was going along with the Dungeons and Dragons/Lord of the Rings parody, Igner's alternate reality persona got confused, pulled out a lightsaber and started parodying Star Wars.

It was revealed in Bender's Game that Igner is the son of Professor Farnsworth, making him the distant nephew of Fry and half-brother of Cubert, while his brothers have so far been assumed as the sons of Mom and Wernstrom.


  • In Bender's Game, Igner's age is established to be approximately 35 years old—but according to Mother's Day, Mom has not seen Professor Farnsworth in 70 years. Though Mom could have lied to her sons considering the fact that she usually doesn't tell her sons the truth about anything.
  • In a yes/no poll for MomCorp to take over Planet Express he voted for Pat Buchanan.
  • As a distant relative of Fry, Igner is also an anomaly in the space-time continum, although his existence is not cyclical like Fry's.
  • In Bender's Game, Igner mistakes a giant spider for a "magic bug."
  • Igner's name is a reference to the word "ignorant."

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