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Gender Male
Species Robot
Profession Doctor
First appearance War Is the H-Word
Voiced by Maurice LaMarche
"[iHawk flicks his switch from "irreverent" to "maudlin"] This isn't a war, it's a murder. [He flicks it back] This isn't a war, it's a moider!"

iHawk helped Jellyfish nurse and John A. Zoidberg treat the wounded during Earth's battle with the Spheroids on Spheron I.

Trivia Edit

  • iHawk is based on Alan Alda's character Hawkeye Pierce from the television show M*A*S*H, and he shares Hawkeye's drinking habits, voice, and comedy.
  • His irreverant/maudlin switch is an obvious joke about M*A*S*H's tendency to switch back and forth from comedy to seriousness.

Appearances Edit

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