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  • When Fry asks Bender why he drinks, Bender explains he needs it for fuel, this is a diologue error because in Space Pilot 3000, Bender claimed he doesn't need to drink. (In Space Pilot 3000, he DOES say that he drinking provides his power. It is smoking that he says he only does because it makes him look cool.)
  • Hermes' line "We'll bill ya for the couch" was added after the animation was complete, and his mouth doesn't move when the line is heard.
  • After Bender returns to his own apartment (time index 16:34), he casts a shadow on the back wall of his apartment, even though the light is in front of him (i.e. both the light and the shadow are in front of him).
  • Although in the next shot the bulb is glowing so the light may have just been turned off. When Bender leaves to go yell at the manager, Dr. Zoidberg's coat is blue, but when he comes back, it is white again.

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