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Gender Male
Species Toad
Age Unknown
Planet Earth
Profession Actor
Relatives None
First appearance "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid"
Voiced by Synthesizer

Hypnotoad is a large toad-like creature that has large oscillating multicolored eyes and emits a droning hum. His eyes glow all the time. The toad apparently uses these as a power of hypnotism on surrounding people and animals.[1] Hypnotoad hypnotizes sheep into a pen at a pet contest and then hypnotizes the judges and the audience into awarding it first prize (see clip below). He is also known to hypnotize crew workers into committing suicide when his show is interrupted.

Description Edit

The Hypnotoad resembles a rather large toad with eyes that put anything that looks into them into a hypnotic trance, forcing them to do whatever the Hypnotoad wants. Its eyes have black pupils with first red, then yellow rings around it.

Origins Edit

The origins of Hypnotoad are unknown, but it is speculated that it is an alien, mutant or a product of genetic engineering. It would also appear that it is the only one of its kind on Earth. However, it is possible that a creature similar in design to the Hypnotoad found on Kif's homeworld is part of its ancestry.[2]

Hypnotoad also has its own television show called Everybody Loves Hypnotoad. It consists of a stationary camera filming the Hypnotoad and its noise continuously. Despite the odd premise behind the show, it ran successfully for over three seasons, possibly because it hypnotized the audience.

Trivia Edit

  • The sound he makes is a recording of a turbine engine played backwards.[3]
  • The sound was originally a temp, but it was so wrong it had to be used. The name of the sound effect is Angry Machine.
  • Hypnotoad is one of Matt Groening's favorite characters.[4]
  • There is an iPhone application called Hypnotoad in which you can change the color of the Hypnotoad, watch him as long as you like and find out how much time you have spent watching the Hypnotoad. If you shake your iPhone/iPod Touch, a voiceover says "ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!".
  • There is an Android app that plays the sound and allows you to change the background behind the Hypnotoad.
  • He made a cameo appearance in the trailer for Bender's Big Score where he said "Buy it, Buy it, Buy it, Buy it."
  • The Hypnotoad might have been inspired by the V-frogs from Isaac Asimov's novel Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus. They are frog like, three legged creatures who can control the emotions of those around them, mostly serving as a defense mechanism against predators. A trance like that of the Hypnotoad is also possible when large numbers of V-frogs are working together. Due to their emotional control, they are extremely popular as pets.
  • The Hypnotoad can be seen in The Simpsons opening sequence of "Treehouse of Horror XXIV". It was direct by Guillermo del Toro.[5]

Internet popularity Edit

  • There are many people who have not watched Futurama but are still familiar with the Hypnotoad from internet forums, where it has practically achieved meme status. It is sometimes a surprise to these people, when they start to follow the series, that Hypnotoad is a comparatively minor character.
  • The line "ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!" used by the judge of the animal show has became an internet sensation and is used on many Hypnotoad video clips and images.

YouTube Videos Edit

Video Description
Futurama - Everybody Loves Hypnotoad09:49

Futurama - Everybody Loves Hypnotoad

An example of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad


An example of Hypnotoad's hypnotic powers
Hypnotoad 3D HD01:20

Hypnotoad 3D HD

Our Great Overlord in 3D/HD

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References Edit

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  2. "Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch"
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