Humorbot 5.0
Gender Male
Species Robot
Planet Earth
Profession Comedian
First appearance That's Lobstertainment!
Voiced by Billy West
"Anecdote accepted. Snappy comeback not found."
Humorbot 5.0 interviewing Calculon[source]

Humorbot 5.0 is robot comedian and talkshow host. Although presumably built to perform comedy, Humorbot 5.0 had to work his way up the comedy circuits, and as late as 3002 was still performing in amateur nites in comedy clubs such as The Comedy Simulator. But within a year, Humorbot 5.0 had made it big when he scored his own television talkshow aimed at a robot audience; Late Night with Humorbot 5.0, where he has interviewed famous robot television stars and athletes.

Alternatively it is possible that "Humorbot 5.0" could be a model of robot, which might explain the appearance of a television talkshow host at an amateur comedy club. But this would seem unlikely considering the tendency for individual robots from the same line to have unique names (i.e. Bender and Flexo).

Appearances Edit

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