• The Australian Man who Hermes forced to do all the work in Spa 5 is later seen as a Sphynx building slave in episode "A Pharaoh to Remember." His design is based on Paul Hogan as Crocodile Dundee.[1] Number 9 once again appears in this episode

Production Notes Edit

  • LaBarbara's line "Spa 5? Is it good?" is read not by her voice actress Dawnn Lewis, but by Tress MacNeille, who recorded the temp lines, presumably for the animatic. This is mentioned in the audio commentary for the episode.
  • When Hermes is attempting to sort the master pile, he is told that he has only four minutes. He musically completes the task in just over a minute and a half, assuming the song takes place in real-time. He is told that he finished 2 seconds early. But he really says you have until closing time to finish, not at closing time.


How Stella Got Her Groove BackEdit

The title references the 1998 film and popular novel How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

King of HeartsEdit

Zoidberg says "Finally I have a good claw, three human females, a number, and a king giving himself brain surgery!" the last refers to the King of Hearts.

The MatrixEdit

While talking to the techie about where the central filing office is, the computer in the background displays a screen similar to the computer screens seen in The Matrix.

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