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Going to War
Music by Christopher Tyng
Lyrics by Ken Keeler
Performed by Robot Santa, Kwanzaabot, Chanuka Zombie, Robot Santa's Elves, Nixon and Leela
Appearance Bender's Big Score

Going to War is a song performed by Robot Santa, Kwanzaabot, Chanuka Zombie, Robot Santa's Elves, Nixon and Leela.


Robot Santa: I brought the elves back from vacation,
chained them up and called my holiday friends.
Kwanzaabot: Kwanzaabot.
Chanuka Zombie: And the Chanuka Zombie.
Robot Santa: Three mad wise men
bearing murder and frankincense.
Robot Santa's Elves: Damn you, doo doo doo doo.
Robot Santa: [simultaneous] Shutup.
Now fetch those bunnies by the armful.
Robot Santa's Elves: Says who? doo doo doo doo.
Robot Santa: [simultaneous] Says me.
Napalm makes them slightly more harmful.
No one here goes near that door,
this toyshop's goin' to war.
Chanuka Zombie: Talmud says be slow to anger,
low-down scammers got me seeing red.
Got my TIE Fighter out of the hangar.
Jump back Jack,
'cause I'm Jewish and I'm undead.
Robot Santa's Elves: Ten-hut, doo doo doo doo.
Chanuka Zombie: [simultaneous] Dreidel, dreidel,
I made it out of blasting clay.
Robot Santa's Elves: You're nuts, doo doo doo doo.
Chanuka Zombie: [simultaneous] And when it's dry and ready,
for mercy they will pray,
I can't wait eight nights or more.
This zombie's goin' to war.
[Robot Santa begins beat-boxing]
Kwanzaabot: Ch, Check it out,
Kwanzaabot in the neptizzle hizzle,
with my inhuman beat-box,
busy building missiles.
They're guided by these cute dancing fairy figures.
Careful little elf, that's proximity-triggered.
I'm fighting back for Kwanzaa so the children won't miss it.
I'm confused about its meaning,
but I know it when they diss it.
So Santa?
Santa: Yeah, Kay?
Kwanzaabot: Cee Zee?
Chanuka Zombie: Hey, hey.
Kwanzaabot: Let's slay them pimps.
Come on, pimp my sleigh.
Chanuka Zombie: Easy with that toy artillery,
Torgo's Powder's deadly but unstable.
Robot Santa: [spoken] Can they sue for liability?
Nixon: [spoken] Certainly not!
Robot Santa: Use as much as you are able.
Robot Santa's Elves: This bites, doo doo doo doo
Robot Santa: [simultaneous] You signed away your rights when you were hired.
Nixon & Leela: Now, let's fight.
Robot Santa's Elves: ...doo doo doo doo.
Robot Santa: [simultaneous] Okay, chestnuts roasting I'm gonna open fire.
Prepare for gore galore.
Santa, Kwanzaabot & Chanuka Zombie: This trinity's goin' to war.


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