Geysers of Gygax
Planet Bender's Imagination
City or town Cornwood
First appearance Bender's Game

The Geysers of Gygax was Momon's lair where she molded the Die of Power from the living plastic. The lair is a cave located within the realm of Cornwood. It was home to Momon and her three sons, as well as Peaches. It was also the home base to Momon's Army of Evil, and her Navy of Moral Dubiousness. After Frydo's final showdown with Momon, she gained back the final die and destroyed the Geysers of Gygax, along with the rest of Cornwood. However, she was defeated in the real world by Farnsworth after he and his son, Igner destroyed the die of power.

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Appearances Edit

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