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Trivia Edit

  • The probe that sends out a signal and destroys those planets that do not answer it is a reference to Star Trek IV.
  • The scene in Fry's dream when Seymour drinks a martini and says "Philip, have you lost weight?" in Seth MacFarlane's voice is an obvious reference to the talking dog Brian, whom MacFarlane voices, from Family Guy, which MacFarlane created.
  • When Fry says to Seymour "Shrink down and get in my pocket!" this may be a reference to Adventure Time with Finn and Jake the dog, who frequently travels in Finn's various pockets.
  • The cut of Fry falling backwards in his chair in slow motion during his dream mimics a "kick" in the film Inception (2010).

Allusions Edit

Game of Thrones Edit

The title is a reference to the show Game of Thrones.

Mount Rushmore. Edit

The scene at Mount Shushmore is a reference to Mount Rushmore.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Edit

The scene at the end of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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