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Quotes Edit

That Guy: Okay, let's work on your execu-speak: I'm worried about "blank".

Fry: Don't you worry about "blank". Let me worry about "blank".

That Guy: Good. I also would have accepted, "Blank? Blank? You're not looking at the big picture!"

[Mom coughs from behind Fry and he and That Guy look up.]

Fry: (weakly) What a pleasant surprise!

Mom: Shut up, booger blaster! It's time the three of us had a talk.

That Guy: I'll handle this, Fry. You get back to the farm, shift some paradigms, revolutionize outside the box.

That Guy (After being voted CEO of Planet Express): "My first order of business is to blame everything on the guy before me."

Professor Farnsworth (shaking fist in the air): "I'll ruin you like I ruined this company!"

Professor Farnsworth: "This isn't a business! It's more like a cheap source of labor. Like a family."

Mom: Don't be a fool, you idiot!

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