Hypno-Toad This page documents an official Futurama Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors. Discuss potential changes on the talk page first, unless the edit is minor.

All page titles must be accurate, concise, and meaningful.

Remember that editors will need to link to the articles, so the title needs to be easy to remember and type. Visitors will read and follow links, so the link needs to be accurate and meaningful. Visitors will also search for the articles, to the title needs to be relevant.


All page titles should be in title case, including all articles and categories.

Title case is where all words are capitalised, except common short words such as "and," "the," "if," "of," or "in." All episodes and character names should start with capital letters.

For example: Love's Labours Lost in Space - not "Love's Labours Lost In Space" or "Love's labours lost in space".

This wiki does not observe the "sentence case" convention seen on some wikis, including Wikipedia. Any pages copied to this wiki must be renamed to title case.


All article titles must be in English, except where it is a direct quote from the show, or the official name of something.

Where there is a difference in language, such as that between British and American English, both spellings are equally correct. However, you should try to be consistent within a single article. You should not go around changing American English spellings into British English or vice versa.


Article titles should be concise. Avoid long titles such as "List of large two-headed creatures in Futurama."

In this scenario, remove as many words as you can, which keeps the title making sense and correct. A shorter title, such as "Two-Headed Creatures" will do.

Avoid abbreviations unless they are easily understood and consistent.

Show ContentEdit

All articles about show content must be titled their correct in-show name, matching the in-show spelling. However, punctuation can be simplified to make the title easy to link to.

If multiple articles would have the same name, you should create a single disambiguation page that links to the various options. However, there may be some situations where one article (or even a redirect) is much more prominent than the others (ie Fry), so the title should go there and the alternatives be listed at the top.


Characters must be given the name by which they are known. Usually that name is their full name, such as Turanga Leela. If a full name is not known, then a first name alone is adequate.

However, nicknames are often more well-known than their full names, so "Bender" is what viewers would look for and understand. Redirects should be created where there are multiple options to avoid confusion.