Hypno-Toad This page documents an official Futurama Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors. Discuss potential changes on the talk page first, unless the edit is minor.

  • All content pages (articles) should belong to at least one category which is not a maintenance category.
    • Disambiguation pages and redirects are not considered articles in the sense of this rule.
  • A content page should be placed in all the categories to which it logically belongs.
  • A content page should be placed only in the most show-specific category (or categories) out of a given branch of the category tree. The question you should ask yourself is: Is category A a (more) show-specific version of category B? If that is the case, the page should only be in category A.
  • An article should always be categorized by characteristics of the topic, not characteristics of the article.
  • An article should never be left with a non-existent (redlinked) category on it. Either the category should be created, or the link should be removed or changed to a category that does exist.
  • User pages should not be placed in content categories.
  • Maintenance categories are usually added through the use of maintenance templates, please don't add those categories directly to the category bar; instead, you should put the maintenance template at the top or bottom of the article.
  • Also always check the description for each category before adding it.
  • Categories need to be written and capitalized properly in order for them to work.
  • A list of all available categories can be found here.

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