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Hypno-Toad This page documents an official Futurama Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors. Discuss potential changes on the talk page first, unless the edit is minor.

All users on Futurama Wiki are equal. This has a number of implications:

  • Nobody can "win" an argument by claiming to be older or more experienced. If there is a disagreement over content, you should provide evidence to figure out the correct answer.
  • Administrators and other staff are only here to help keep the wiki in good working order, they are not automatically correct, and they must stick to the rules like all other users.
  • All users must follow policy, and cannot get special treatment for any reason.

The only situation where users may seem to not be equal is where their access to this wiki is removed (blocked) due to disciplinary action. However, just because they have been blocked does not mean everything they have done is wrong (although it might be), and users should treat their edits with the same respect as other editors (unless it is definitely spam).

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