Zapp Brannigan is an officer in the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP) military forces who remains beloved as a great hero by many in the DOOP, despite being grossly incompetent. While he appears to have a great record leading DOOP forces in combat, these appear largely to be victories over foes such as the occupants of the Gandhi or Assisted Living Nebulas. Yet whenever he is faced with competent opponents, like the Omicronians or Decapodians, Brannigan’s leadership seems always to end in a loss, usually with great cost of life among his forces.

In the way of relationships, Brannigan has been able to score on several occasions, which he trots out at every opportunity. But these relationships are generally built on his misleading public image and/or base pity, and inevitably fall apart quickly. Perhaps due to his tendency to sacrifice his people to save himself, or his greatly over-inflated ego, Zapp has had few friends during the years portrayed during the series, the closest being Kif Kroker, his lieutenant, and, perhaps to a lesser extent, the Planet Express crew.


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