Popular Freedom Day dance.

"Freedom Freedom Freedom Oi!!
Freedom Freedom Freedom Oi!
John Zoidberg[source]

Freedom Day is an important Earthican holiday celebrated with festivities around the planet as well as in the planet's capital of Washington, D.C..

Freedom Day Traditions Edit


The crew relaxing in the traditional Freedom Tub

  • Expressing Oneself: one of the most important institutions of Freedom Day, Earth's citizens are encouraged to express themselves in any manner they want without worrying about the consequences.
  • Freedom Tub: Nude hot tubbing is another popular tradition of Freedom Day. Self-explanatory.
  • Freedom Day Parade: a parade is put on in Earth's capital, Washington, D.C., each year on Freedom Day. After the parade, the President of Earth gives a speech and the day is ended with a display of fireworks. This portion of the festivities has been sponsored in the past by products such as Shankman's Rubbing Compound and Charleston Chew.

Limits of Freedom Day Edit

"Yes, fellow patriots, I ate your flag. And I did it with pride. For to express oneself with doing a thing is the very essence of Freedom Day! Bless this planet and all its wonderful people!"
"Kill him! Kill the traitor!"

During the Freedom Day celebrations of 3003, a Decapodian immigrant by the name of Doctor John Zoidberg was so overcome with pride that he felt compelled to eat the Earthican flag during a speech given by President Richard Nixon's head. The resulting outcry against Doctor Zoidberg led to an unfair Supreme Court trial, and invasion and occupation of Earth by the Decapodians. A change in public opinion on this occurred after Zoidberg helped expel the invaders from his adopted home world and won his appeal.

Appearances Edit

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