Free Waterfall, Sr.
Free Waterfall,-Sr.
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 60
Planet Pluto (Ice Plains)
Profession Penguins Unlimited (Leader)
Relatives Old Man Waterfall (father)
Free Waterfall, Jr. (son)
Free Waterfall III (grandson)
Hutch Waterfall (grandson)
Frida Waterfall (granddaughter)
Status Deceased (Penguin)
First appearance The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz
Voiced by Phil Hendrie

Free Waterfall, Sr. (b. January 28, 2941 - March 4, 3001) (height: 6'0") was the son of Old Man Waterfall, father of Free Waterfall, Jr. and grandfather to Free Waterfall III, Hutch Waterfall and Frida Waterfall.


  • He represents animal rights activist group leaders.