The Fox Network (FOX) is the American television station that aired 72 episodes of Futurama, along with the fellow animated sitcoms The Simpsons and Family Guy, from 1999-2003.

Despite the the first episode having good ratings, FOX wasn't supportive of Futurama. This caused schedule-jumping and no advertisements for episodes. Also, FOX would delay it for sports events and news reports. FOX also handled Futurama terribly that not only did the episodes go out of order, but Futurama ended up with a fifth broadcast season.

FOX decided in April 2002 to stop buying episodes of Futurama letting it go out of production before the Fall 2003 line-up. This is referenced by a quote from the Professor in Bender's Big Score : "You were fired two years ago! That's when we were shut down by the delivery Network!" A sign reading "Box Network" then appears, but the electricity failed, changing the sign to the "Fox Network".

The Fox Network rated their Futurama Episodes at a normal TV-PG DLSV Rating, but Stronger episodes (Why Must I Be a Crustacean In Love) were TV-14 DLSV

Appearances Edit

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