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Omicronians attack Monument Beach.

The First Omicronian Invasion of Earth, also known as the Defense of Earth, was a battle that started after the Omicronians landed their ships on Earth and attacked Monument Beach with their Monument Destroying Laser. The Omicronians wanted to watch the final episode of Single Female Lawyer, the 20th century broadcast having only just reached Omicron Persei 8, had been disrupted. President McNeal called for all of the Democratic Order of Planets to help defend the Earth with the Nimbus leading them. Zapp Brannigan came up with a plan for everyone to attack the Omicronian Mothership. Fry tried to destroy it but it turned out to be the Hubble Space Telescope. Most of the fleet was destroyed but the Nimbus and Planet Express ship survivеd. The Omicronians landed and killed President McNeal before demanding to see the final episode of Single Female Lawyer.

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