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Gender Female
Species Robot
Planet Amazonia
Profession Ruler
First appearance "Amazon Women In The Mood"
Voiced by Beatrice Arthur

The Femputer is a huge, wall-sized computer reminiscent of ENIAC, the Earth's first general purpose electronic computer, but was actually a misandrist Fembot operating a computer. Bender ends up making out with her and falling in love with her, which also fools her into sparing his male companions' lives. She came from a planet ruled by a Manputer that was a manbot. She confirms she has been responsible for the death of men on Amazonia, by sentencing Fry, Zapp, and Kif all to death by "snu-snu" (sex), after previous confirmation by an Amazonian pointing to three horrified-looking male human skeletons in her chamber.


Femputer's real identity

Appearances Edit

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