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Gender Female
Species Robot
Age 41
Planet Earth (possibly a gangster planet)
Relatives Husband: Donbot
Daughter: Bella
First appearance Into the Wild Green Yonder
Voiced by Tress MacNeille

Fanny is a minor character on Futurama. She is the Donbot's wife and is a performing arts fembot in New Mars Vegas.

Fanny first caught Bender's eye during a performance. He was prepared to romance her until he learned that she was married to the Donbot. But once Donbot turned his back, they immediately began an affair. They managed to avoid exposure until Joey Mousepad and Clamps reported their suspicions to the Donbot.

After Bender won a poker tournament, the Donbot became increasingly suspicious, as, Bender had his lucky foot that Fanny had sawed off. He took Bender and Fanny out into the desert before he and his associates gunned the couple down as they kissed, then they buried them. The next day Bender and Fanny rise from the ground and continue the affair (although Bender has lost interest in her) and then later rejoins her husband. She is seen among the crowd at the Violet Dwarf Star.

Fanny next appears in "The Silence of the Clamps" when she is attending her eldest daughter's wedding. During the dancing she is hit on by Bender (after he is rebuffed by the bride) who has no recollection of any previous meeting or their affair. Fanny then turns Bender away.

Fanny is present for the trial against the Donbot where Bender is a witness and is seen among the crowd in the courtroom.

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