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Enos Fry
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25
Planet Earth
Profession Soldier
Status Deceased
First appearance Roswell that Ends Well
Voiced by Billy West
"Ever get the feeling that you're only going with girls 'cause you're supposed to?"
Enos to Fry[source]

Enos Fry (born May 5, 1922 - June 20, 1947) worked at an army base in 1947 in Roswell and was engaged to Fry's grandmother Mildred. It is assumed that Mildred took Enos's surname following his death in a nuclear explosion. His body was vaporized ensuring that, in Fry's words, he "wouldn't come back as a zombie". Prior to traveling back in time, Fry believed that Enos was his grandfather. After Enos died, Fry slept with his grandmother, thereby making him his own grandfather.

Enos shows signs that he is likely gay or bisexual. He says "Ever get the feeling that you're only going with girls 'cause you're supposed to?" He also stares at the August portion of a 1947 pin-up calendar, which features a portrait of a shirtless, muscular cowboy, while he ignores the July portion of the calendar, which shows a portrait of a woman in a seductive pose, wearing a revealing outfit.


  • Although he was originally the father of Yancy Fry Sr., he bears a strong resemblance to Mrs. Fry.

Appearances Edit

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