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Emperor Nikolai
Gender Male
Species Robot
Planet Earth
Profession Emperor
Relatives Cousin: Basil
Fiancée: Princess Flavia
Status Alive
First appearance The Prisoner of Benda

Emperor Nikolai is the rich and eccentric robot emperor of Robo-Hungary, described by President Nixon as "an insane dictator and a heck of a bowler". In an interview with journalists Emperor Nikolai described himself as "just a humble emperor, with a big, big crown!" In truth, Emperor Nikolai had grown tired of his life of power and riches and yearned to experience life as a normal commoner.

Emperor Nikolai visited New New York in 3010 to give a speech at the United Nations. He arrived with his entourage aboard his extravagant caviar-powered yacht RMS Overkill which would serve as his residency during his time in the city, were it not for his encounter with Bender who was trying to rob him of his big, big crown. Bender, whose mind was in the body of Amy Wong, convinced Emperor Nikolai to trade bodies with him so that Emperor Nikolai could finally experience life as a lowly bending unit while, perhaps more importantly, Bender could enjoy life as a fabulously wealthy and powerful emperor, while also agreeing to fill in for Nikolai at a speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

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