Eleonora De Angelis
Eleonora De Angelis.Image
Gender Female
Date of birth April 23, 1967
Character(s) voiced Lucy Liu's head
LaBarbara Conrad
Regular or guest Regular
First appearance Unknown
Eleonora De Angelis (born April 23, 1967) is an Italian voice actress, dialogue writer and dubbing director. She is best known for lending her voice to actresses such as Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie.

Her brother Vittorio De Angelis worked alongside her in the Italian cast of Friends in which he voiced Joey Tribbiani and she voiced Rachel Green. Her father Manlio De Angelis was also a voice actor. She is also the granddaughter of voice actor Gualtiero De Angelis, the cousin of voice actor Massimiliano Virgilii and the niece of singer Enrico De Angelis.

In addition, she is best known for her role as Natalie Cook in the Italian version of the Charlie's Angels film series and Ingrid Muñoz in Un Paso Adelante. She also recieved recongition for voicing Wendy Testaburger in the Italian dub of South Park and for dubbing over Sarah Michelle Gellar's voice in Cruel Intentions. She occasionally dubs over the voices of Jordana Brewster, Vanessa Marcil, Hilary Swank, Juliette Lewis, Charlize Theron, Brittany Murphy, Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore and Marisa Tomei.

In an interview, she stated that she prefers voicing Jennifer Aniston to all the other actresses she voices.

In Futurama, she provided the Italian voice of Lucy Liu's head and in Season 5, she voiced Linda and LaBarbara Conrad briefly taking over for Stefanella Marrama (Linda) and Tiziana Avarista (LaBarbara)