Elena Fry (born June 9, 3015) is the mutant resident member of the mutant race. She is the daughter of Philip J. Fry I and Leela Fry (nee Turanga) and the paternal niece of Yancy Fry, Jr. (Philip I's brother) and his wife.

She is the paternal granddaughter of Yancy Fry, Sr. and Mrs. Fry (Philip I's parents) and the maternal granddaughter of Turanga Morris and Turanga Munda (Leela's parents).

She is the stepsister of Kif Kroker's Offspring (Leela Fry's biological children and Philip J. Fry I's stepchildren) and the paternal cousin of Philip J. Fry II (Yancy, Jr.'s son).

She is the paternal-maternal great-granddaughter of Enos (deceased) and Mildred Fry and the paternal-paternal great-granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gleisner (Philip I's paternal and maternal grandparents).

She is the maternal-maternal great-granddaughter of Munda's mother (Leela's paternal grandmother) and the maternal-maternal-maternal great-great-granddaughter of Munda's grandmother (Leela's maternal great-grandmother) as well as the maternal-maternal-maternal-maternal great-great-great-granddaughter of Yancy Fry (Philip I's maternal great-grandfather).


Elena was born as the only child of the newlywed couple. Her parents are Philip J. Fry I and his wife, Leela Fry (nee Turanga) and she was the only grandchild of Yancy Fry, Sr. and Mrs. Fry, Turanga Morris and Turanga Munda.


Elena was often being teased by the other kids (despite her age) and she befriends Tiny-Tim, Cubert J. Farnsworth (the son of Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth) and Dwight Conrad (the son of Hermes and LaBarbara Conrad).

Elena has a one eye and a small nose (like her mother, Leela) but she almost inherited a orange hair (like her father, Philip I).

At the age of seven, Elena had dressed up as Ray (from Star Wars: The force of awakens) and attend the comic-con with her parents and her godparents. When she has inherited her anger and fear, Elena can do anything to protect her family and friends from enemies.

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