Gender Female
Species Decapodian
Age Presumably near Zoidberg's age
Planet Decapod 10
Status Deceased/Alive?
First appearance Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?
Voiced by Tress MacNeille
"You seem malnourished. Are you suffering from internal parasites?"
John A. Zoidberg to Edna
"Why, yes. Thanks for noticing."

Edna was a Decapodian woman who carried more eggs than any other female of her species: as such she wanted to mate with a rock star. She liked to talk about things of little importance at great length (much to the annoyance of those talking to her.) Her apartment is decorated like a fish tank.


Edna went to high school with Doctor John A. Zoidberg and laughed at him because his face was covered in barnacles. During the mating frenzy in 3001, she was courted by Zoidberg, however she rejected his advances claiming him to be an inferior specimen. Later, Zoidberg courted her again (while being coached on seducing Edna by Philip J. Fry I.) This time he impressed Edna and got her to go out to dinner with him. When Edna went to the restroom, she found out from Turanga Leela that Fry was behind the "romantic" words. Subsequently she falls for him and lures him to her apartment where she unsuccessfully tries to seduce him. As this happened, Zoidberg walked into the room and assumed she was "cheating" on him after seeing her kiss an unwilling Fry. Edna (while smothering Fry with her breasts) confirms Zoidberg's suspicion's by saying she has fallen in "love" with Fry and plans to mate with him the next day. Zoidberg, beyond angered, challenged Fry to Claw-Plach to settle the issue. Before the two finished their battle to the death, Edna and the Decapod Emperor left together and mated.

After the frenzy, due to the nature of Decapodian mating, Edna should have died, but during the unveiling of the final hole of Leo Wong's "Miniature" Golf Course, she makes an appearance in the stands and it is possible that she may have somehow survived. This is unverified, however. The fact that many older females are seen in the series, such as Zoidberg's mother, implies that only the males die from the frenzy while the females become pregnant.