The Eco-Feministas were women who cared about the environment. One of their goals was to stop Leo Wong from destroying Mars' environment. It was created by Frida Waterfall, who was later replaced by Turanga Leela.

The feministas killed Vice-President Agnew by accident and they were wanted by the law to serve six weeks in jail. They destroyed one of Leo's machines with an organic potato and sugar to clog its ejector, destroyed the King Kong Hole in Leo Wong's "Miniature" Golf Course, spray-painted the Planet Express ship pink, kidnapped the Planet Express crew and were caught by the police and turned in. They were given an unfair trial by the Earth Supreme Court and were found guilty by means of new genderist procedures and were sentenced to fifty years in jail Later, Bender Bending Rodríguez helped them get out of prison.

After escaping prison, they went to stop Leo Wong from finally destroying the Violet Dwarf Star. The feministas crashed in front of Leo Wong and his audience and took everybody hostage. However, The Dark One told Leo try destroy the star regardless, defeating Leela, but being defeated by Amy Wong. After the Dark One's identity is revealed, it attacks Hutch Waterfall, murdering him, and is thus killed by the Encyclopod. The Eco-Feministas most likely disbanded after their succession.

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