Dr. K'Rittakhul
Gender Female
Species Alien
Planet Possibly Earth
Profession Cosmetic surgeon at the New New York Institute of Synthetic De-Uglification
First appearance Ro-Botox

Dr. K'Rittakhul is a cosmetic surgeon at the New New York Institute of Synthetic De-Uglification. When Bender was decaying, Amy suggested he go see her because she and her mother, Inez, were regular customers at her surgery. Bender agreed to go see her, to which she then gave him a number of operations, including: an arse shine, calf implants, rusto-suction, and antennal rejuvenation. After asking for yet another operation, Dr. K'Rittakhul tells Bender to go see a psychiatrist, because she believes he is addicted to curgery. Later, when Bender isn't recognised by the Space Paparazzi because of all the surgery he has had, he goes back and asks for one more operation, to turn him back to his original self.

Appearances Edit

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