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Dr. Cahill
Dr. Cahill
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Planet Earth
Profession Doctor at the Head Museum
Status Alive
First appearance Bender's Big Score
Voiced by Tress MacNeille
"Can you save Hermes, Dr. Goodnsexy?"
"I told you, my name is Dr. Cahill."
Dr. Cahill[source]

Dr. Lauren Cahill, is a doctor at the Head Museum.

According to Hermes she was a bimbo. She took offense to this and said just because she had a breathy voice, full sensual lips and a steaming hot body did not mean she was a bimbo. Her speech was immediately contradicted when she forgot she had to put Hermes' head in a jar and calling herself "ditzy-witzy."

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  • Fry called her "Dr. Goodnsexy", is most likely a reference to Dr. Goodhead from the James Bond film Moonraker. Her character is often parodied for her name and stereotypical female personality.

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