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Doohan 6
Doohan 6
Native species Humans
Member of Democratic Order of Planets
First appearance "Fry Am the Egg Man"

Doohan 6 is a planet based on Scottish stereotypes. The planet is constantly foggy, and often rains. It is inhabited by stereotypical Scottish people; all the men are named Angus, wear kilts, and drink copious amounts of alcohol.

The Planet Express crew visits Doohan 6 in 3011, when they re-introduce the Bone Vampire to the planet. The Bone Vampire had decimated the local inhabitants livestock and had been wiped out. However, Philip J. Fry unknowingly hatched and raised one on Earth, who he named Mr. Peppy. After being released into the wild, Angus MacZongo begins to hunt the creature. It is soon discovered, however, that Mr. Peppy is actually helping to control the large sheep population, which has grown immensely since the Bone Vampires were wiped out.

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