Dixie and Trixie
Dixie (left), Bender (center), and Trixie (right)
Gender Female
Species Human
Age possibly 60
Planet Formerly: Wormulon
Currently: Earth
Profession Slurms MacKenzie's partying babe
First appearance "Fry & the Slurm Factory"
Voiced by Pamela Anderson
Tress MacNeille

Dixie and Trixie are "party babes" who party with Slurms MacKenzie. They are both possibly around the age of 60 years old, as they have each been a party babe for forty years. They later join the Eco-Feministas. They are then seen at a Butterfly Derby on the Moon, battling Amy Kroker and Turanga Leela. Amy and Leela win and they lose.

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