Deep Blue
Gender Female
Species Computer
Planet Earth
Profession Chess-playing computer, summer intern with the Vice Presidential Action Rangers
Status Reassembled
First appearance Anthology of Interest I
Voiced by Tress MacNeille
"Bishop to knight four."
Deep Blue
"Not all missions can be solved with chess, Deep Blue. Someday you'll understand that."
Al Gore[source]

Deep Blue was a chess-playing computer developed by IBM, the first machine ever to beat a human champion. Deep Blue is seen in the episode Anthology of Interest I as the summer intern of Al Gore's Vice Presidential Action Rangers. This seems to imply that Deep Blue received several more upgrades following 1997 and before 1999, which resulted in it being endowed with a crude artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, it appears that Deep Blue's VLSI chess circuits were never removed, thus resulting in its actions always being phrased in chess notation. It had no trouble playing other games like Dungeons & Dragons, though.

It seems to be alive in the 31st century, as it can be seen in the Wheel of Robots.

Appearances Edit


Deep Blue

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