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Decapod 10

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Decapod 10
Native species Decapodians
Member of The Democratic Order Of Planets
First appearance Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?

Decapod 10 is a planet consisting of hundreds of sand islands. It is primarily inhabited by humanoid, lobster-like creatures called decapodians. The planet's flag is red with a white circle in the middle, in which there is a lobster claw holding a hammer. (This flag is similar to the flag of the former Soviet Union (USSR: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), which, along with the planet's warlike ways, suggests a Communist government.) Decapod 10 is the original home of |Dr. Zoidberg. Its people first came to Earth sometime in the 23rd century. Their visitation was linked to the extinction of the anchovy. In 3003, this planet launched a successful invasion of Earth, though the resulting occupation was less successful.


  • The anthem of Decapod 10 is the "fight theme" from the original Star Trek.
  • The Decapod 10 flag is very similar to the flag of the Soviet Union.
  • A Decapod is also the nickname among railroaders for a steam engine with 10 driving wheels.


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