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David Farnsworth
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Planet Earth
Relatives Distant relative: Hubert J. Farnsworth
Status Deceased
First appearance All the Presidents' Heads
Voiced by David Herman

David Farnsworth (born December 5, 1744 - April 17, 1775) is a distant relative of Professor Farnsworth and is notoriously known as a traitor to the American Revolution, having forged counterfeit dollar bills and half pennies. When Hubert Farnsworth learns this from George Washington's head, he uses all the Earth's small quantity of crystalline opal on Washington's head and licks him, transporting himself, Fry, Leela and Bender to colonial-era New York. Eventually tracking down David, with the aid of Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere, Farnsworth knocks out his ancestor with a candle, saving the family name.

Unfortunately, Fry has incidentally taken one of the two lanterns hanging at the Old North Church to burn the forged money, causing Revere to wrongly warn of the British attack "by land" rather than "by sea". When the quartet return to 3011, they learn of the alternate timeline. As a result of Fry's blunder, the British defeated the Patriots and David Farnsworth himself smothered Washington to death with his own wig, earning himself a dukedom. His head became preserved in this timeline, which Hubert uses with a crystalline opal he obtained from the ugly Queen of England to travel back and correct their mistake.

Appearances Edit

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